Made In was and created in 1980 when Jermaine Mayo was born in New Haven Connecticut but it was missing a part that part was born in 1983 which was Kevin Lewis about the alive I've always wanted to find a way to put Connecticut on the map and represent their state in 2013 they came up with the idea Made In Connecticut in Fair Haven Connecticut realizing that was a way to represent there state, they knew other people would want to represent there state throughout the country and that was the creation of Made In. Made in based out Newnan Georgia with locations in New Haven Connecticut. It's a clothing line that not only represents your state ,where you're are now, but what made your image , what made you the way you are and what gave you your style ,your walk ,your talk !! If you were scanned today what would be the return on that tag ? That's Made In. Made in is Great for Work, Vacation Wear, Family Outings , When you're at the gym while your just exercising , Even when you move to another state and you want people to know where you were made. In 2015 Made In Co-Founder Kevin “Coke Kev” Lewis moved on to the next level and we at Made In promise to continue to keep this going in honor of him - Thank you and enjoy  !!!!! DON’T FORGET TO UPLOAD OR TAGS US IN YOUR PICS ONE OUR SOCAIL NETWORK PAGES And Don’t for get to have Fun!!! ​